Get Ready For The Holidays

Get Ready For The Holidays

The winter has come in, and the holidays are just around the corner. Last moment to get some end of year discounts, and buy something nice for yourself or someone else. Turn up the central heating, make some hot chocolate and play some Frank Sinatra to get in the wintery spirit. Now you got the whole package complete or did you forget something. Well, if you forgot, then it probably wasn’t that important...


Shoot! The decorations are yet to be put-up. Luckily for you, you have some indoor plant growing this winter time to add some more color and fragrance to the living room. It’s good to know that these bulbs will bloom much longer than a bouquet will stay good. But just to be sure, here's a little tip to keep them that way. 


Whether you are located in Montreal or South Beach, FL, all flower bulbs need light to bloom this winter. If you see stems grow out tall, chances are your plant is not getting as much light as it would like. During the winter, it is always recommended to use a south-facing window (or west if south is not an option). 


Once your big flowery friends are in full glory, move them away from the light and into the center stage of the living room for everyone to admire. Not only will this cheer up the decor, but a reduction in direct sunlight during the blooming period will extend the time they will flower. 


Now you're ready to put up the rest of the decoration, play some more Sinatra, and enjoy the holidays. Have fun this year with your dearest friends & family, and we will see you all next year!


- TotalGreen Holland