Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our customers. Is your question not answered? Please contact us and we'll be in touch with you!

  1. There is no seed packet included in my grow kit, what do I do? 
    We’re sorry to hear that you’re missing a seed packet in your kit, please contact us and let us know the product you purchased as well as the number mentioned on the product packaging and we’ll be sure that you will get the missing seed packet as soon as possible.
  2. It seems that there are no seeds in my seed packet, could this be true?
    There’s always a chance that a system error has been made resulting in an empty seed packet. However, generally speaking the seeds are quite small and experience has shown that seeds often get stuck in the edges of the seed packet, so please check on this before contacting us.
  3. Some flower bulbs are missing in the bag/box, can I get a replacement or refund?
    If the rare occasion occurs that flower bulbs are missing, please contact our customer service department and be sure to save your receipt and product packaging so you can apply for a refund. 
  4. I recently purchased flower bulbs but they look dried out, how does this happen?
    Sometimes it happens that products are not stored under the right conditions or that stores keep the products on the shelves for too long. In that case, products will dry out and are not likely to grow anymore should you decide to plant them. 
  5. I’ve always had success with growing a beautiful Amaryllis, however this year it seems to only grow leaves. How does this happen?
    It is important to remember that once Amaryllis are potted, they don’t need to be watered at all. As soon as the stem start to emerge about 1-2 inches (not the leaves) then you can slowly start adding some water. Should you decide to (lightly) add water from the very beginning, then you encourage the growth of leaves and chances are that your Amaryllis stem will never emerge. 
  6. How to care for my indoor Hyacinths and Amaryllis after they have bloomed?
    Please go to products (or search for the product code) and select the product that you want more information about. Here you find detailed instructions on how to care for your plants after they have bloomed.
  7. I recently bought a TotalGreen Holland product, but I can’t get it to grow. What can I do?
    TotalGreen Holland is happy to provide you with instructions and wants to assist you in being successful in growing your plants. Feel free to reach out to us, send us photos and our experts will take a look at it and provide you with additional information.
  8. There are no instructions included in my kit, where can I find these?
    Please note that the planting instructions are always printed on the product packaging.
  9. When customer service requests a receipt and guarantee label(s), do I send them to Holland? 
    No, to speed things up we request you to send us pictures of the required documentation per email.