Time for Autumn Preparations

Time for Autumn Preparations

Fall has just arrived, time for the days to become shorter, and the nights to be colder. A pleasant time to reflect on the year so far and get ready for the cheerful holidays. But before you run of buying everyone gifts, take a moment to look at your garden (indoor and outdoor) and prepare yourself first. 

Acclimate your outdoor plants

It makes perfect sense to have moved your plants in a warm sunny spot for the summer. But as the winter can be harsh, it might be a good idea to bring some of your leafy friends back inside. Don’t just rush them inside and crank up the heating. Give the plants time to acclimate by bringing them inside for a couple of hours a day until they can stay there. Find a sunny south-facing window.

Plant new bulbs for the spring

If you are like us and like to start the year fresh, planting your spring bulbs ahead of time can help that. The sooner you plant your spring-flowering bulbs during the colder months, the sooner they will bloom up as the weather get better. Be sure to always read the instructions of your particular flower bulbs before planting. 

A centerpiece for the holidays

Now that you got most of the heavy lifting out of the way it’s time to think about how you want your holiday decor to look. Our personal favorites are the amaryllis in all colors. With its giant flowers and long bloom time, these plants will be sure to stun your guests every time. Find them in stores in beautiful holiday-themed pots or plant one in your favorite piece. The amaryllis comes with all its own nutrients to grow big. Amaryllis are favorites among gift receivers too, there’s an idea!