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Because of their shape, Double Tulips are also known as peony-flowered tulips. The flowers, which are always large and double, can be easily a span of 4 in. across (10cm). Some cultivars are sweetly fragrant. Blooming in late spring, these tulips introduce charm and romance in the garden with their multi-petalled flowers! They perform best in full sun in rich, fertile, medium moisture, well drained soils. Prefer areas with cool winters and warm dry summers. Since the flowers of Double tulips can be damaged in extreme weather conditions (rain and wind), it is advisable to plant them in a sheltered location.

There are few bulbous plants easier to bring into flower than tulips. Please make sure the soil has a good drainage, it’s important especially for tulip bulbs. Without proper drainage, tulip bulbs cannot root properly and may even rot over the winter. In this case, even if shoots emerge, they are weakened and very susceptible to disease. If possible, it is advisable not to plant tulips in the same location in the garden year after year. A sunny location is desirable but a certain amount of shadiness is tolerated. Tall cultivars must be planted in a somewhat sheltered location. Depending on the climatic zone, tulips should be planted from late September to late December.

  • Planting Location: Sun/semi-shade
  • Planting: September-December
  • Planting Depth: 6 inch (15 cm)
  • Planting Distance: 5 inch (12.5 cm)
  • Flowers In: April-May
  • Flowering Height: Approx. 20 inch (50 cm)

How to Grow

Easy to Grow:

1. Select an area with full sun or semi-shade
2. Dig a hole 6 inches (15 cm) deep
3. Place the bulb in the hole, with pointed side up
4. Space bulbs 5 inches (12.5 cm) apart
5. Cover with soil and water thoroughly

Planting Tips:

Plant in groups of 5 or more, in well-drained soil. Bulbs will benefit from a handful of compost added to the planting holes.

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When to Plant

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