St. Patricks Day Grow Kit Good Luck


Thank you for selecting this quality grow kit!

Please follow the instructions below. The kit should be started indoors but can eventually placed outdoors when the seedlings are transplanted. Placing outdoor only after danger of last frost.

The best time to start your indoor kit is from mid February until June.

1. Fill up a separate bucket or pot with 1/2 cup (4 fluid ounces) of luke warm water. Place growing medium pellet in the water and stir until it is fully expanded. Once water has been completely absorbed you can loosen the growing medium with a fork. (for best results leave it overnight for complete absorption).

2. Place the planter on a saucer or similar and fill the planter with 70% of the expanded growing medium.

3. Now place the 2 bulbs in the growing medium with pointed ends up and keep 1.5 inches distance from each other. Cover the bulbs with the remaining growing medium and tamp very lightly.

4. Place the planter in a cool spot with lots of light ( ±54º F - 12ºC).
Best is to rotate the planter a little daily to make sure the light is divided evenly.

5. Keep the medium dry, but avoid drying out completely!


Do not move your plants outside until after last frost.

WARNING: Do Not Eat Bulbs!

Note: Water may leak through the bottom opening of the pot.


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