Potato Yukon Gold

Grow your own Potatoes!

For best results plant after danger of last frost in loose soil with a good drainage. If the seed potatoes have started sprouting; don’t break them off. Create a trench and loosen the soil to a dept of 8” or 20cm. As they grow, add soil around each plant, so each potato grows on its own mound. Keep them well watered (early in the day) but not soaked. The soil should always have a little moisture. Growing period is 2 - 4 months.

• Plant in a sunny spot

• Plant depth 4 inches - distance 20 inches

• Harvest as the summer foliage starts to wither

Product Care 
This is a living plant. Until planting please store product between 40 F and 50 F degrees. For best results, plant product directly after last frost!

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