Dahlia bulbs in metal planter


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For best results we recommend to follow the instructions below. This Patio Dahlia can be started indoors and placed outside after the danger of last frost. The best time to start your Patio Dahlia kit is from January until June.

1. Fill up a separate bucket or pot with 2,5 cups (0,6 Liter) of luke warm water.
Place the pellet in the water and stir until they are fully expanded. Once water has been completely absorbed you can loosen the growing medium with a fork (for best results leave it overnight for complete absorption).
2. Fill the metal tray with 2/3 of the expanded growing medium.
3. Place the bulb in the middle of the growing medium and place the left over growing medium on top and tamp very lightly.
4. Place the pot in a sunny spot at room temperature.
5. Keep the growing medium moist but not wet until the young plants are 3 to 6 inches (10 to 15 cm). After the shoots begin developing watering should be increased a little, try to avoid wetting the foliage whenever possible.
6. Once the buds become visible, watering will have to be more frequent and thorough. This due to increased water requirement of the plant. At this stage they readily withstand heavy watering.
7. When moving the plant outside, place them in a sunny spot. They should receive at least a half-day of sun and even more is preferable.


Don’t let the plants dry out and feed them well.

Good drainage of the growing medium is important.

The growing medium contains nutrients for healthy growth. We recommend adding annual flower food or tomato fertilizer during their blooming months.

Dahlias do not normally need to be disbudded except you should always pinch out the dead and very top growing tip when they develop a bud. This to encourage more flowers and side growth.

Note: Water may leak through the bottom opening of the pot. 


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