Asparagus Mary Washington

Grow your own Asparagus!

For best results plant after danger of last frost in loose soil. Loosen soil to a depth of 8” or 20cm. Dig conical mounds about 6” or 15cm tall every 18” or 45cm along the base of the trench with the soil. Place one crown on top of each mound with the roots splayed out in every direction. Cover the crowns with two inches of soil (filling in the spaces between each mound, as well). Water deeply. After two weeks, add another two inches of soil. Do this again after two more weeks until the soil reaches above the surface.

• Plant in a sunny spot

• Plant distance 18 inches

Product Care 
This is a living plant. Until planting please store product between 40 F and 50 F degrees. For best results, plant product directly after last frost!

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