Peony Ranunculus


These Buttercups are for indoor or outdoor. To grow indoor, follow these easy steps. 

Ranunculus in Pot Growing Instructions
1. Soak the tubers for 10 hours in cold water.
2. Drop grow mix (coco disk) in container, slowly add 2.5 cups warm water (0.6 Liters). Stir the prepared mixture to aerate and drain if necessary.
3. Position the tubers with the pointed ends down. The tubers must be 1 inch under the surface.
4. Keep at room temperature (21˚C / 70˚F), a bright location and soil needs to be kept moist. Do not overwater.
5. After 2-3 weeks, when the roots are developed, store the pot in a cooler place (best is 5˚C / 41˚F) for 4 weeks.
6. After 4 weeks bring the pot back at room temperature (21˚C / 70˚F).
7. When the flowers bloom, keep out of direct sunlight to prolong the flowering period.

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