Strawberry Fruit Plant

Grow your own delicious fruits!

For the ultimate in freshness and flavor, home grown strawberries are the best! Whether eaten fresh with cream and sugar, on shortcake or preserved in jams and jellies, the superb flavor of freshly picked berries will be yours to enjoy. Easy to grow and ornamental as well, strawberries may be used in patches or border plantings. 

Soil Choose well drained, fertile soil. Spade ground deeply and fertilize with bone meal or pulverized sheep manure. 

Plant Remove poly wrapper, separate plants and prune extremely long roots. Plant with crown even with soil and spread roots in fan shape.
Space plants 18-24 inches apart in rows 2-3 feet apart. Firm soil around roots and water well.
Give water frequently!

Important growing tips – Please plant immediately if there is no danger of frost, or store in a very cool place until you can plant them outdoors. 

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