Red Grapes Fruit Plant

Grow your own delicious fruits!

Soil – Select a permanent site with good drainage and plenty of sun. Grapes are winter hardy and do extremely well in clay and loams. 

Plant – Remove poly wrapper from plant. Plant Grapes deep, up to 10 inches. Make sure that 4-5 inches of the top of plant shows above the soil surface, with roots going down straight. Plant 4-5 feet apart, with soil packed firmly around plant. Set a 3 ft. stake next to plant tying top of plant to stake. Give water frequently!

Trim to one vine the second year and train to trellis or wire. Prune before growth starts in the spring after the first year.

Important growing tips – Please plant immediately, if there is no danger of frost, or store in a very cool location until you can plant them outdoors. 

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