Hyacinths on Glass

Hyacinth glass with bulb 


Step 1. Fill the vase with water to just below the bulb. Water should not touch the bottom of the bulb.

Step 2. Place your bulb in a hyacinth or bulb vase so that it sits in the neck. Do not force it down into the vase.

Step 3. Place the vase in a dark, cool area of your house or garage that is typically below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Leave it there for about 8 to 10 weeks or until the hyacinth bulb’s growth reaches about 4 inches.

Step 4. When the bud of the hyacinth is about 4 inches out of the bulb, you may bring your hyacinth into your living room. Rotate every few days to allow each side of the plant to get an even amount of sunlight.

Step 5. Keep the hyacinth watered just below the bulb with room temperature water.

Caution: Do not eat ornamental bulbs. Protect all surfaces from product as condensation, staining or scratching may occur.


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