Amaryllis Grow Kit Handle


Growing instructions Amaryllis Hippeastrum:

Before planting, immerse the bulb in lukewarm water for an hour; this encourages the formation of roots.

  1. Drop grow mix (coco disk) in container; slowly add 2.5 cups of warm water (20 fl. oz. or 0.6 liter). Stir mixture to aerate and drain if necessary.
  1. Place bulb in the grow mix, tip facing up. Add the grow mix around bulb, keep neck (1/3 of bulb) above the grow mix.
  2. Do not add water until the flower bud starts to appear. As soon as the flower bud appears, the soil will need to be kept slightly moist. Use tepid water.
  1. Place pot in warm and light location, 21˚C / 70˚F. Blooms in 4-8 weeks after planting. 

When the flowers bloom, keep out of direct sunlight to prolong the flowering period. As the stems grow, change the direction of the planter occasionally to keep the stems from leaning towards the light.
It may be necessary to support the stems and flowers so the plant will not topple.

Store in a cool dry place until ready to plant. Plant as soon as possible after purchase, best within 2-4 weeks.

Caution: Do not eat ornamental bulbs. Protect all surfaces from product as condensation, staining or scratching may occur.

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